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Suspect Nursing Home Abuse? Watch for These Signs.

You may think them the problems of faraway states like Ohio and North Dakota, but nursing homes can come up short right here in California.

The National Center on Elder Abuse suggests that today, one in 10 seniors in America is abused. However, only one in 24 cases is investigated. Those numbers are shocking, and they clearly demonstrate that elder abuse is a serious and pervasive issue across the nation.

When abuse is present in a nursing home facility, residents are not provided with the standard of care to which they are entitled (and which they should expect). Such facilities can become harmful to a senior’s health and welfare, putting him or her at risk for serious harm or even death. Unsanitary, shoddily-run homes can breed preventable diseases. Patient neglect can become the norm.

If you have a relative in a nursing home facility, look out for medication mistakes, bedsores, bruises, and staff members that prevent patients from being alone with their families. Patient mistreatment may include physical, emotional, mental and psychological abuse, as well as resident neglect and a lack of secure supervision for dementia patients.

If you suspect that something may be terribly wrong, contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney.