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Dementia Patients Suffer at the Hands of Senior Home Care Worker’s Bullying Tactics

It is never acceptable to harass, bully, terrorize or mistreat a senior. When that senior struggles with Alzheimer’s, the situation becomes even more horrific. In one such case, an 89-year-old woman was slapped in the face with slippers, was sprayed in the face with aerosol deodorant and later had the deodorant container shoved into her mouth.

Her 51-year-old caregiver allegedly terrorized nine additional elderly residents at the care home where she worked.

The families of the affected residents spoke to a nursing home abuse lawyer. Ultimately, the cases were heard in court. A jury convicted the senior care worker on four charges of abuse in the form of mistreating and neglecting older residents who lacked the capacity to care for or defend themselves.

The convicted woman was a permanent night shift care attendant who took care of a floor of elderly dementia patients. She had held the job for a long time and was considered a senior, respected caregiver. But two other care workers did not agree with the way she treated her residents and reported her for bullying.

If you suspect, for any reason, that someone you love is not being treated with respect and dignity and is no longer safe in care, immediately contact a nursing home abuse lawyer. Elder abuse must be stopped.