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Questionable Tech Innovations: Transparent Windshields With Smartphone Display

The more gadgets and distractions there are in a vehicle, the higher its crash rate becomes. The addition of even more technology will not address driver safety. And yet, despite the 1.6 million accidents already directly related to texting while driving, some continue to insist that added technology is the key to saving lives on the road. In truth, only a distraction-free driving environment can make the roads safer.

Newly proposed “safety” technology would integrate a transparent windshield section with a driver’s smartphone. Navigation prompts, calls and even texts would appear on the windshield outside the driver’s primary line of vision. Gesture controls, combined with voice commands, would allow the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road and away from a mobile device.

But instead of looking at their phones, these drivers would still be glancing away to different areas of their windshields, trying to read incoming texts. They cannot drive safety as they try to read scrolling text, even with the road as a background. This new technology poses additional risk. It does not offer additional safety. This latest innovation is meant to keep people connected and safe while driving, but any technology that distracts a driver should never be called “safe.”

Would “heads-up,” connected driving result in fewer accidents? Some would say so, but the accident statistics say otherwise.