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San Diego Assisted-Living Home Workers Found Guilty of Harming Seniors

Over the last few years, assisted-living home workers in San Diego County have been cited for negligence in their care of seniors and for giving them incorrect medications.

The facilities under fire are all referred to as “care homes”. They are not health care facilities, and employees do not have the necessary medical training for their assisted living home to be classified as a health care facility. In September of 2013, there were allegedly 27 deaths as a result of neglect and injuries across these various facilities.

One of these cases involved a resident with a wracking cough that went ignored. Approximately six days before the individual was sent to the hospital, the family was told that the senior needed medical care. The patient died at the hospital. In another case, a resident was taken to the emergency room after receiving the wrong medication from a temporary worker. The worker did not check the patient’s full name before administering the drugs (her roommate had the same first name).

Over the years, national media has detailed assisted-living staffing shortages, neglect, unsafe storage of medications, failures to call 911 when a resident sustains a serious injury and the retention of residents who need more care than an assisted-living home is able to provide.

There are approximately 7,700 assisted-living facilities in the state of California. The California Department of Social Services regulates and licenses them. The Department insists it does a credible job of staffing them and ensuring that all rules are followed in resident care.

Too many vulnerable seniors face risks when their care is not provided with dignity, respect and safety in mind. If you see or suspect any form of nursing home abuse, talk to a competent nursing home abuse lawyer. These attorneys are uniquely situated to help you put a stop to the abuse.