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Texas nursing home abuse crackdown may have merit duplicated in California

Texas lawmakers want to shutter nursing homes with a history of abuse. 

Lawmakers intend to choose the absolute worst out of the state’s 1,200 facilities and revoke their licenses. While the idea may make some sense emotionally, mentally, logically and legally, there is a very real question lingering in the suggestion – if Texas shuts down seven nursing homes out of 1,200, where are the current residents going to go?

Displaced residents would need protection, dignity, peace and good care. By shutting down nursing homes in many locations of a large state, lawmakers may leave residents with no place to go or options restricted to facilities hundreds of miles away from family.

The idea may have merit, but it definitely needs to be thought through. Is the Texas government going to build new facilities for the displaced residents? If not, legislators need to rethink their strategy to genuinely protect the seniors in care. Dealing with only a portion of the problem does not solve it.