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Business Owner Divorce

It is a concern for many married business owners. After you start a business to support your family and spending years growing the company, your spouse asks for a divorce. Adding to the stress, your spouse demands part-ownership of the company, or demands an unrealistically large financial settlement based on an inaccurate business valuation.

At the Barron Law Corporation, we represent business owners going through divorce in California. Since 1991, our lead attorney, Deborah Barron, has fought to protect the assets and property accumulated by business owners through their hard work and dedication. The firm has extensive experience working within California’s community property regime and in investigating the finances of any given business. Accuracy is the key to fairness, and we are dedicated to the fair treatment of each client.

Accounting For and Dividing Complex Business Assets

Like any divorce, a business owner divorce may involve child custody, child support and other highly emotional issues. The main difference for business owners, however, is the property division process. Dividing business assets can be significantly more complicated than dividing assets in the normal divorce.

Working with tax specialists, accountants and other experts, Sacramento business owner divorce lawyer Deborah Barron helps clients resolve issues related to:

  • Business valuation
  • Protecting professional practices
  • Appreciation of separate property
  • Community property issues/transmutation of assets
  • Business taxation
  • Commercial real estate
  • Responsibility for business loans and debt
  • Protecting any trade secrets or intellectual property

Our firm offers more than 20 years of experience handling high net worth divorces for business owners and professionals in the Sacramento area. Before making a decision about settlements, we encourage you to visit us so we can analyze the situation.

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