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Dangerous Property Conditions

When Dangerous Property Conditions Cause Your Injury, Premises Liability Lawyers Help

Premises liability law requires property owners to reasonably care for their property and maintain safe conditions, or to at least warn people of existing dangers. When legal standards are not met and a person is injured because of dangerous property conditions, premises liability law gives the injured person the right to pursue compensation for medical care and other damages.

Protect the Rights of the Injured

At the Barron Law Corporation in Sacramento, California, we protect the rights of people injured due to the negligence or carelessness of property owners, including private property owners. Our firm focuses primarily on helping people hurt in accidents, whether they are slip-and-fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents or other kinds of accidents.

Handling a Broad Mix of Premises Liability Concerns

We handle dangerous property condition cases such as:

  • Restaurant or grocery store slip-and-fall accidents
  • Sexual assault in apartments with poorly lit stairwells
  • Slips in stores
  • Falls caused by steps not being up to code
  • Assaults and robberies from inadequate security in hotels
  • Falls caused by sidewalks and streets in disrepair

Know How to Investigate and Build Strong Cases

In any premises liability legal claim, it is essential to establish that the standard of care was breached and that there were indeed dangerous property conditions at the time of the accident. This requires experience, understanding of the law and knowledge of how to aggressively and quickly investigate cases such as these — before evidence disappears.

Former Insurance Defense Lawyer Uses Experience to Your Gain

Our legal team has been involved in premises liability since 1991. Early in her career, our principal lawyer, Deborah Barron, worked for an insurance defense firm. We use this insider’s knowledge to our client’s full advantage. We know when to press for more. We know how to find the holes in the other side’s case. We know how to vigorously and aggressively protect your rights to damages relating to medical expenses and other accident-related expenses.

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