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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents, Serious Injuries and Your Rights

In an accident between a car and a motorcycle, the motorcyclist will always lose. There is no metal shield to protect a biker’s body from the impact of a crash.

Motorcycle accident injuries are serious and can easily be fatal. Recovery from injuries may take months or even years. Some accident victims are left with permanent disabling injuries, including brain damage and spinal cord injury causing paralysis.

Represent Clients Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Accidents

At the Barron Law Corporation in Sacramento, California, we represent clients who have been seriously injured in motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle accidents throughout the Bay Area.

Our principal lawyer is prepared to aggressively, knowledgeably and skillfully protect your rights to compensation for your medical costs as well as the costs of rehabilitation, retrofitting cars and homes so that they are better suited to deal with your disability and for damages relating to pain and suffering.

Prejudice Against Motorcycles

Despite continued ongoing campaigns aimed at convincing car drivers to overcome the prejudice that our society has against motorcycle riders, there is still a bias against bikers that must be overcome in the pursuit of full and fair compensation for injuries suffered in accidents caused by careless or negligent car drivers.

“I Did Not See You” Is Not an Excuse

This is a primary cause of car-motorcycle accidents. Drivers don’t see motorcycles making a right turn. Drivers are in a hurry so they lane change without seeing the biker. Drivers who just don’t like motorcyclists so they run them off the road.

We Offer Personalized Client Service

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with the changes that a serious injury brings. We see how stressful it is on our clients’ families. We want you to know that we are available when our clients call. We are here to support our clients, whether that means listening to their troubles or helping them access a qualified doctor.

Because of our credibility and our level of experience in the Sacramento area, we have been able to refer our clients to lenders who may be willing to loan money against a future settlement.

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