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Texting While Driving Accidents

Most states have passed laws dealing with cellphone use and text messaging while driving. This volume of legislative activity is a good indication that texting while driving is extremely dangerous, in some cases just as hazardous as drunk driving.

A California law passed in 2008 bans texting while driving completely. Further, it prohibits drivers from using cellphones unless the driver is using Bluetooth or a similar hands-free device. Unfortunately, many drivers in Sacramento and the Central Valley disregard the law and continue to talk and text while driving. The result has been a number of serious motor vehicle accidents.

At the Barron Law Corporation, we aggressively pursue compensation on behalf of the victims of distracted drivers. Our founding attorney, Deborah Barron, has more than 20 years of experience fighting insurance companies and building strong cases for injured people.

Aggressive, Resourceful Sacramento Texting While Driving Accident Lawyer

If you were injured or lost a loved one as a result of a car accident with a distracted driver, we will tirelessly pursue full and fair compensation for your losses. We have found that, in general, the public recognizes how dangerous texting while driving is. That is a critical understanding because:

  • We can obtain cellphone records, which may show that the driver was on the phone or texting when the accident occurred.
  • The experiences of jurors are often reflective of the experiences of larger society. Many jurors will have had bad experiences on the road because of distracted drivers.
  • Insurers are aware of both of the above points. That means the insurance company, when presented with evidence, may offer a favorable settlement.

Whether you were struck while driving your own vehicle, or were instead riding a bicycle or crossing the street as a pedestrian, we will thoroughly investigate the possibility that the driver who hit you was using a cellphone. If the answer is yes, we will leverage that fact to maximize your compensation, whether through negotiation or in court.

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