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Brain Injury

Sacramento, California, Lawyers Helping People With Brain injuries

Accidents involving brain injury and spinal cord injury can be serious and immediate, causing permanent brain damage that renders a person helpless and in need of 24-hour care for the rest of his or her life.

When a Brain Injury Is Not Immediately Apparent

Accidents involving brain injury can be subtle and evolve over time. Concussions and other closed head injuries fall into this category. The symptoms of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) may not be noticed immediately. The person in the car crash or other kind of accident may think that he or she is fine. But all may not be fine.

It is important to be seen by a medical professional who can discern whether your brain has been injured through various neurological tests.

Over time people with subtle brain injuries may notice that they cannot perform at their job the way they used to. They may suffer from debilitating migraines. Their loved ones may notice an unpleasant change in their ability to control their temper. They may suffer from anxiety or sleep disturbances.

We Help People Get Medical Care and Compensation

At the Barron Law Corporation, we are here to help people who have suffered any kind of injury obtain the medical care and financial compensation that they need to move forward. Our principal attorney has more than 20 years’ experience in the personal injury area of law.

We have an understanding of the difficulties that our clients and their families face when dealing with brain injury. We have an extensive knowledge of the medical issues that our clients may be facing. We know how to investigate these kinds of cases and get our clients the help and the diagnoses they need to recover as much as is possible.

Aggressive, Thorough and Skilled Representation

Whether you have cognitive problems from a rear-end collision, difficulty controlling your emotions after being struck by a truck or short-term memory loss from an accident, we will aggressively, knowledgeably and thoroughly investigate and develop a strong, strategic case on your behalf.

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