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Sexual Assault / Molestation

Standing Up Against Unlawful Sexual Conduct

Victims of sexual assault do not need to try to deal with the aftermath alone. There is no shame in talking about the situation and seeking help from someone you trust. If you or your child has been sexually assaulted, speaking with a lawyer about your legal options is something to strongly consider.

At the Barron Law Corporation, we vigorously protect the rights of sexual assault victims. Since 1991, Sacramento sexual assault attorney Deborah Barron has helped clients manage during these difficult times. She has the experience, skill and passion needed to pursue justice for you.

Aggressively Pursuing Sexual Assault Cases

While there are certainly criminal laws that prohibit sexual assault, there may also be a civil case that may be filed in certain circumstances. We will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case, and we will give you an honest assessment of your options. Your conversations with us are confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Childhood Sexual Abuse

We are passionate about helping victims of childhood sexual abuse. Whether you were victimized by a family member, a teacher, a priest or someone else, we are ready to help you seek compensation. We understand that many victims have repressed their memories of these traumatic encounters, and we approach these situations with sensitivity and respect.

We will work with experts, such as psychiatrists, psychologists and economic experts to determine how the abuse, and the attendant pain and suffering it caused, impacted your life. We know that no amount of financial compensation can make up for what happened, but it can give you the means to pay for mental health treatment and give you some sense that justice has been served.

We are aggressive and relentless in pursuing those who abuse children.

Assaulted at Work?

Sometimes, workplace sexual harassment escalates into sexual assault. As experienced employment law attorneys, we can advise you of your rights and help you take appropriate action against the offender. One example of a sexual assault claim in this context would be a claim against the employer for negligent hiring. If the employer hired someone without doing the proper background checks and the new hire assaults a co-worker, the employer may be liable to the victim for civil damages.

Contact a Sacramento, California, Child Sexual Abuse Attorney

If you or your child has been victimized by sexual assault, the Barron Law Corporation is ready to help. We offer free initial consultations and charge no attorney’s fee unless we win your case. To arrange a meeting with an experienced attorney, please call (916) 486-1712 or 800-529-5908, or contact our law firm online. We have offices in Sacramento and San Francisco.