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Whip Its – Nitrous Oxide – Death in a Can

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It is illegal to inhale nitrous oxide to get high. However, there is no existing law that makes it a crime to sell nitrous oxide to those who plan to inhale it. In most instances, it may be difficult, if not impossible to determine whether the canisters are being sold for the purposes of inhalation. However, if the canisters are present in places such as tobacco stores or head shops, it is obvious they are being sold to customers who intend to inhale it. Those being sold in bulk online are another deadly story waiting to be told. The story of Whip Its is not just one of abusers getting a high in the comfort of their home. It has been proven by law enforcement to be the cause of numerous teen deaths, fatal car crashes and rapes.

WARNING: Inhaling nitrous oxide impairs, maims and kills. It takes no prisoners. Users that ignore the “Do Not Inhale” warning on the canisters, should they survive, are never the same again. The product itself is not illegal, as it is used to aerate whip cream as it is coming out of the can. It is how it is being used by a growing number of people seeking a cheap high that is illegal. Nitrous is one of the most popular drugs among people aged 17 and older.

Cheap highs with so-called recreational drugs are not within the exclusive purview of the young and restless. Even celebrities, such as actress Demi Moore have used Whip Its. Moore is lucky she survived the day she collapsed after huffing Whip Its, also called whippets, whipits or whippits and hippie crack.

Whip Its and their companion product, a dispenser called a “cracker” are popular because they can be found just about everywhere, from a smoke shop to the local grocery store, in the form of whipped cream cans. Online videos abound of teens sucking on the cans to inhale the nitrous oxide component. Rave pictures show massive quantities of yellow, nitrous oxide filled balloons being sold to partygoers, some of whom may never make it home. “Noz” is a killer clad in metal or rubber.

It is the inhalant of choice for over 12 million users, who avail themselves of whatever is handy and dispenses their chosen form of high, whether that may be a nitrous tank, a charger or actual whipped cream canister. The high supposedly lasts a few seconds to a few minutes. Some never recover from the short-lived high. Others may go through ten full packs of 24 cans each in one night.

Nitrous oxide is not detectable in lab tests, so there is no way to determine if someone is inhaling. Their use goes undetected, but for the large accumulation of whipping cream cans or miniature whip it canisters left behind, for no apparent reason. It’s a dangerous problem that is ignored and unregulated. It may asphyxiate the user because it cuts off oxygen to the brain, causes hearing loss, kidney and liver damage, spastic limb movement, bone marrow damage and central nervous system issues.

In other words, it causes a shattering cascade of events affecting the cardiovascular system – the heart, various organs and the peripheral nervous system. It may ultimately even result in Sudden Sniffing Death, as the nitrous oxide sensitizes the user to adrenaline, and if confronted with hallucinations that cause a fight-or-flight response, the surging adrenaline may cause cardiac arrhythmia. Nitrous oxide can also freeze a person’s face.

The maker’s of Whip Its and distributors of the product are making a killing, financially and literally. It has to stop.

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