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Guess Retail Inc. former worker alleges unpaid meal breaks, improper payment of wages

This lawsuit is the third launched against Guess Retail Inc. this year and has the potential to become a class action lawsuit. Burgos v. Guess Retail Inc., Case No. BC592087, in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.

Former employee Kriss Burgos alleges that she was not paid for missed meal breaks, was improperly paidlater than mandated by law on termination and that there were other irregularities relating to wage payment and her employment records. Court documents indicate that Burgos was a non-exempt hourly worker and required to work without rest or meal breaks and was never compensated for them.

According to California labor law, employers must provide for regular rest breaks and an uninterrupted 30-minute meal break after the fifth hour of working.

There are five claims of violations, and the lawsuit is seeking straight time, overtime and double compensation due to Guess’s alleged failure to pay, as well as other compensatory damages and penalties.

Any worker who believes they have been unfairly denied meal or rest breaks or who were not paid according to the existing labor laws of their state should seek experienced legal counsel to determine their rights and how to proceed with a lawsuit, if that is the appropriate course of action.

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