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Alleged Worker Misclassification, Wage Theft Sends LA and Long Beach Truckers Back to Picket Lines

Worker misclassification is a major issue in California, particularly for truckers at company yards in the Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports area. 

Once again pickets were set up by the Teamsters Union advocating fair pay for fair work — something they say is not currently happening. Lines were set up at Harbor Rail Transport, Pacer Cartage, Intermodal Bridge Transport and Pacific 9 Transportation. Almost 14,000 truckers work both ports of call and close to 1,000 companies are permitted to do so.

Truckers allege their employer(s) are stealing their wages by misclassifying them as independent contractors when they should be employees — a state of affairs that that leaves then with fewer job protections and lower pay than if they were company employees. They have successfully won several rulings in the courts with government agencies agreeing they had been misclassified.

If you are in a situation such as this one or a home care worker, a freelance technical worker or other employee that may be misclassified, speak to a capable employment attorney. You do have rights, and you need to know what those worker’s right are.

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