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Legends Football League faces class action lawsuit 

Employees of the all-female, lingerie-clad football “league” have filed a class action lawsuit in California state court, alleging that former and current players were deliberately misclassified as independent contractors, not employees.

Their statement of claim outlines a number of alleged violations of California’s wage and hour laws, including failure to pay overtime wages, failure to pay at least a minimum wage and failure to pay wages for all hours worked. 

The complaint further outlines that the League mandated all players to be present for various events such as games, practices and various promotional events booked by the League. Allegedly, the League reserved the right to discipline players who did not attend such events, did not permit any negotiation relating to the terms of the independent contractor agreement and prevented players from performing any outside activities that may result in injury.

California’s wage and hour laws are applicable to everyone in every industry. The law is applied equally in all circumstances and no matter the type of work, its classification, wages, hours and other rights, mandated by law, must be followed.

For more information on the case, refer to Margulies v. Legends Football League, LLC, No. BC550244 (Super. Ct. Cal. June 27, 2014).

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