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iGate Technologies embroiled in another sexual harassment lawsuit

Two years after India-based IT company iGate Technologies fired its CEO for allegedly being involved in secret intimate relations with an employee, iGate is involved in another sexual harassment case, involving former in-house lawyer Karetha Dodd and her supervisor, Mukund Srinath. The accusations filed in the statement of claim are that Srinath, iGate’s senior vice president of Legal and corporate secretary, had been continually propositioning Dodd for sex. The suit was filed in 2014 and included allegations that Srinath pressured her to become involved in an affair with him, put his hand on her genitals, forcibly kissed her, denied her a promotion when she would not meet with him alone and retaliated against her when she took her complaints to an attorney outside of the company milieu.

iGate says her allegations are without merit and that they have a zero sexual harassment policy in place.

The company has taken a defensive stance in litigation, and are making several allegations against the plaintiff. They claim that the plaintiff and her lawyer wiped her company-issued laptop’s hard drive before returning it, that she did not disclose she was not licensed to practice law in California, that some of her complaints are time-barred under California state law and that she did not report the alleged harassment in a timely manner, according to company policy.

In most sexual harassment cases, there is an element of he says versus she says, so it is crucial that the victim keep detailed notes, recordings, texts or other forms of communication and take them to an experienced sexual harassment attorney.

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