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California lawyers launch workers’ rights platform

Grover and Kelly, two San Francisco attorneys, have launched an online platform that will help workers understand their legal rights as employees. 

The pair developed to ensure that California workers are aware of common, usually unreported labor law violations. In launching the site, they stated that many employer actions that may seem normal to a worker are actually violating existing labor laws.

Some of the more common labor violations include:

  • Allowing work to be done “off the clock”
  • Refusing to offer proper, mandated break periods
  • Charging of fees to cash out-of-state checks
  • Misclassifying jobs

Grover and Kelly also turned these violations into questions that employees can ask themselves to find out if their rights are being violated.

  • Have you used you own vehicle or other personal items for work?
  • Have you worked more than five hours consecutively without a designated break?
  • Have you paid fees to cash a company out-of-state wage check?

Know your rights. You need to protect yourself from exploitation.

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